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Christopher R. Watson
Writer / Director
Bagheera Poster 2020 Smaller.jpg

BAGHEERA   18 minutes, Hindi with English subtitles

Completed in 2019, Bagheera is a proof-of-concept production for a series of films Chris is writing for the Indian market. Shot in Hindi language, the film has participated in over 85 international festivals and won 27 awards.


One evening, Bagheera, the determined young leader of an Indian girl scout troop, is abducted after a meeting with her pack. Using the many skills of her achievement badges, she fends off the would-be rapist & serves up a scorching retribution.

As a film, Bagheera addresses a major issue facing many societies throughout the world today, the violent denigration of women. Whilst the subject is dark, the delivery is both poignant and even uplifting as Bagheera reminds us that bravery and resourcefulness are two of humanity’s most powerful tools.

Feature Film and Second Unit Direction

Feature Film and Second Unit Direction

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