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Bagheera  -120 min feature film in development

In the 20 minute, proof of concept version of Bagheera we see Bagheera’s clever use of scout and guide achievements to dispatch a psychotic tormentor. In the full version of the story, Bagheera discovers that this is only the beginning of a dangerous new epoch for her and her troop of vulnerable young women.


When the smoke clears following Kaka’s apparent demise, Bagheera is shocked to find she has opened a hornets nest of vile enemies. Her actions lead to the inadvertent discovery of an organisation that is generating billions in profit at the expense of thousands of young lives.


The violent guardians of this business are highly intelligent, steely-eyed killers, connected through the highest level of society. Unable to trust anyone, Bagheera and her pack are forced underground as they evade waves of cunning onslaught from shape-shifting assassins and their predatory bosses.


Inspired by true events, this lightening-paced narrative shows how cruel and yet close at hand, human trafficking is to every one of us. This time Bagheera has to confront an enemy so insidious and influential that every ounce of her black panther instincts are called upon simply to survive herself.

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