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Goddess of Luck

Chris and his team are currently focussed their first Indian feature film production. The project is part of a commercial strategy that Chris and his partners  have been building for the last three years. It utilises two specific aspects of Indian production:

  1. Highly polished films can be produced in India very economically.

  2. Theatrical release of the film in India is guaranteed due to the specific way in which exhibition works in the Indian industry.

This is evident in the success that films such as THE LUNCH BOX, MARGARITA WITH A STRAW and MARIGOLD HOTEL I&II. A full business plan is available for investors and distributors enthusiastic to inquire about participation.


Inspired by the the true story of a talented young wicket keeper, Anuradha (Ani) encounters numerous, unexpected obstacles along the road to success. By focusing on the small, miraculous things around her, Ani keeps her soul alive and transforms her world.

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